Terms for the provision of services by Scotrans



These Regulations define the terms and conditions of cooperation between Scotrans, hereinafter referred to as Scotrans, and its clients, hereafter called Principals, in the scope of handling the receipt, transmission and delivery of parcels in the "door to door" service in international traffic.
These Regulations also specify the rules of liability for non-performance or improper performance of the services ordered. The regulations apply to clients and Scotrans employees.
The scope of Scotrans's activity covers the entire European Union. Scotrans provides services to natural persons, legal entities as well as organizational units without legal personality.
The Scotrans Company reserves the right to cooperate with carriers and subcontractors who are considered to be approved in advance by the Principal.


Shipment of parcels - non-ordinary services provided by Scotrans, consisting in earning, accelerated transport and delivery of parcels within the expected or guaranteed period.
Shipment - incl. parcels, packages, envelopes, containers, bags, bicycles, motorcycles and others - transported and delivered within one consignment note.
Waybill - a document constituting evidence of conclusion of a contract.
Ordering Party - an entity that commissions Scotrans to perform a transport service, the Ordering Party may be the Sender, the Recipient or a third party.
Payer - the payer may be the Sender, the Recipient or the Customer, depending on the contract.
"Door to door" service - this means that the parcel is picked up from the sender and delivered to the recipient.


The Scotrans company does not carry parcels, the contents of which are:
things dangerous to health or property such as: explosives, flammable substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, explosives, weapons and ammunition;
live animals or plants;
narcotics, drugs or psychotropics, with the exception of items sent for scientific or medical purposes by statutorily authorized institutions;
cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol;
corpses or human or animal remains;
works of art or antiques, securities, vouchers, certificates and any other negotiable values, stones or precious metals in any form or form;
when the package contains other goods requiring an ADR declaration;
parcels, the carriage of which is prohibited by virtue of the general provisions of law;
parcels that do not have a customs declaration drawn up, as long as it is required by customs regulations;
liquid and perishable food;
food packed differently than hermetically;
parcels in packages that may contaminate or damage other shipments.
The Principal undertakes to issue Scotrans with all documents required by the relevant regulations to carry out the shipment.
In the event that after accepting a parcel for forwarding, the Principal breaches the above provisions of § 3 point 1, the Principal will be requested to pay a fine of up to ten times the amount due to Scotranse for the forwarding fee.
The payment of the penalty referred to in § 3 point 3 does not deprive Scotrans of seeking compensation exceeding its amount on general terms.
Scotrans reserves the right to refuse to carry a shipment in the situations specified in § 3 point 1, also without providing a reason, and in case of:
improper securing of the shipment by the Ordering Party;
transport of parcels that may reduce the quality of services provided;
space-time inability to perform it;
when there is a reasonable suspicion that the content of the shipment does not match the actual state;
has the right to refuse to accept the parcel if the Consignor / Consignee is in the area permanently or temporarily excluded from service.
Scotrans, in case of justified suspicion, that the content declared in the consignment note is not compatible with the actual right to send the shipment, search the contents and destroy or transfer to the appropriate authorities the prohibited contents of the consignment.


§ 4


The parcel, by telephone or electronic notification at www.scotrans.co.uk by the Ordering Party, is picked up from the address indicated.
The customer declares that he personally completed the consignment note used by Scotrans or that it was completed by Scotrans in accordance with his instructions. The client confirms the compliance of the declared data with the actual state and guarantees that he owns the content of the shipment entrusted to Scotrans while accepting the regulations.
A copy of the consignment note is received by the Ordering Party, the original remains in Scotrans to obtain confirmation of receipt of the consignment with the date and signature of the recipient.
The Customer is obliged to keep a copy of the consignment note received from the courier; when the parcel was picked up by him; until delivery of the parcel, as well as in case of problems with delivery of the parcel or complaint. In the absence of a consignment note, Scotrans may not be able to start the complaint procedure.


Effective delivery is understood as the delivery of the consignee's shipment with acknowledgment of receipt in the form: name, surname and signature of the Recipient. The driver is not obliged to bring the parcel to the recipient's home.
The sender guarantees that the content of each shipment is correct and consistent with the real state declared and described in the consignment note.
The term of the order is from 3 to 21 days from the date individually agreed with the Ordering Party.
The shipment is delivered to the recipient's hands. If the addressee is a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality - the parcel is left behind with a receipt in the office or a cell fulfilling its role.
If the addressee refuses to accept the parcel, it is returned to the Principal. The cost of returning the shipment is covered by the Customer.
In the absence of the addressee, Scotrans leaves a note, indicating where and when the recipient can personally (or by authorized representative) pick up the parcel or order the next parcel delivery to his office. The deadline for collecting the parcel by the Recipient is 3 working days counted from the day following the day of leaving the notification. After the deadline for receipt, the parcel is returned to the Ordering Party at his expense.
For refusal to accept the shipment is also considered a refusal to pay any charges referred to in these Regulations.

§ 6

The Customer is obliged to deliver the shipment to the Scotrans company in a condition that allows it to be transported correctly and without any loss or damage.
The Customer is obliged to deliver the package in the package, if the shipment, due to its properties or content requires it.
The packaging should, inter alia, be:
closed and secured (self-adhesive tape, seals or wax seal);
adequately robust, prevent access to the content without leaving visible traces;
described when required by the properties or contents of the shipment, by marking eg "up / down" or "note glass";
without collateral that may damage this or other shipments.
The packaging and securing of the parcel are included in its mass.
The rules and method of packing parcels are discussed at www.Scotrans.co.uk.

§ 7

From the moment of accepting the parcel until its delivery, Scotrans may check whether the shipment corresponds to the Sender's declarations contained in the consignment note, in particular whether the declared content or weight corresponds to the actual and whether the shipment is not excluded from the transport service and to check the security inside the package.
If it is necessary to check the contents of the parcel or its security, this check is carried out in the presence of the Sender, the Recipient or the representative Scotrans checks in the presence of two people invited by him for this activity.
The result of the check shall be included in the consignment note or the protocol attached to it.
The costs of checking will be added to the price of the service.
The inconsistencies referred to in § 3 constitute the basis for refusal to accept the shipment for carriage, as well as changes to the terms of the contract of carriage specified in the consignment note.


The sender is required to include on the shipment or its packaging the exact details of the sender: name, surname, address, city, zip code and mobile phone, as well as the Recipient: name, surname, address, city, zip code and mobile phone.
The data described on the package must match the data on the consignment note.

§ 9

The acceptance by Scotrans of a shipment for transport does not justify the presumption that its packaging and contents corresponded to the conditions contained in these Regulations.



In the event of external damage or loss of shipment, the Scotrans representative is required to write down the report in the presence of the Recipient, which will include the date and time of delivery and a description of the damage or loss of the shipment. A properly prepared report (signed by the Recipient and a Scotrans representative) is the basis for accepting the complaint.
As a result of accepting the shipment without reservations, all claims against Scotrans shall expire.
Scotrans is liable only for culpable damage, loss or loss of shipment in the period from its receipt from the Sender until the release of the Addressee.
Scotrans liability for courier services is limited to PLN 100.00 (one hundred). Scotrans accepts no liability beyond this amount.
Pets transported Scotrans are not covered by insurance, moreover, the Customer is obliged to cover any damage caused during the transport of the pet. The Scotrans company DOES NOT REPLY in a situation where a pet (dog, cat, etc.) is lost, escapes or will die during a trip. Scotrans is not responsible for the health of the pet before the trip, during the trip and after the trip.
The owner - a person giving the pet: a dog, a cat, etc. is obliged to give the courier a veterinarian up to the animal's veterinary passport according to the recommended European standards and is responsible for making all the required tests for the animal before the trip required by DEFRE. For each pet, the owner or carer can give a layette of up to 5 kg (feed, bowls, toys, etc.), each additional kg will be charged £ 1.20.
In the case of detention at the border of the pet due to the lack of all required tests or lack of correct entry in the passport by the veterinarian, the pet owner is required to pay Trans-Service account payment within 3 working days of the total amount of the pet fee already agreed.
If you do not have all the tests during a trip with your pet or the passport is badly filled by the vet, all costs incurred by this carrier are covered by the landlord.
The Scotrans company reserves the right to transport people and animals from 24h to 120h. Those who travel Scotrans are not covered by insurance during the trip.
The owner, keeper of every animal that has been transported, Scotrans, agrees to use his photo in the Animal Gallery on the website and on the Facebook social portal. In the event that the Sender declares the value of the shipment in the proof of shipment and pays an additional fee specified by the official Scotrans price list, Scotrans's liability for damage due to damage, loss or loss of the shipment is extended to the value declared in the proof of shipment. Liquidation of damages and payment of compensation is made on behalf of Scotrans authorized insurer.
Scotrans is liable only for actual losses related to the loss, loss or damage of the parcel.
Scotrans liability does not cover damages for non-performance or improper performance of the service, consisting in the loss of benefits, profits or revenues, both towards the Sender and third parties.
In the event of loss, loss or damage of the shipment, Scotrans is liable for the costs related to the repurchase or repair of the shipment, but not more than up to the amount constituting the upper limit of liability.
TVs, monitors and home appliances and electronics must be transported in the original packaging in order to be able to start the COMPLAINT procedure in case of damage.


The payment for the shipment is made according to the valid Scotrans price list and the contract. The dates and forms of payment are agreed each time with the sender.
The payment obligation arises when the parcel referred to in § 4 item 1 of these Regulations is submitted. In the event of resignation from the service no later than three days from the planned date of its execution, Trans-Service may waive the fee for the service.
The Sender is liable for reasonable expenses and expenses incurred by Trans-Service (including storage costs), for losses, taxes, customs duties, fines, fines and other items Scotrans may incur and for claims raised against Scotrans due to failure by a shipment of any of the restrictions, requirements or statements set out in these Regulations, above or because of the refusal or suspension of services or the return of a shipment by Scotrans, consistent with these Regulations.
The customer has the right to cancel the transported goods free of charge up to 2 days before the scheduled collection date. When the load has already been picked up and the customer wants to cancel or deplete transport, Scotrans will refund 10% of the amount due from the total agreed amount of cargo. The pickup of the cargo already taken is to be picked up by the client at the Scotrans office.




Scotrans does not bear any responsibility if the loss, loss or damage to the package arose due to reasons caused by: force majeure, e.g. all disasters and disasters, case or cause beyond Scotrans's control, any failure to comply with obligations, negligence and omission of specific provisions of these Regulations by the sender, recipient, third parties claiming the right to shipment, persons unrelated to Scotrans, employees of customs, post offices and other and all carriers, representatives and enterprises involved in the shipment by the sender or Scotrans, deletion, or any related damage to electronic and photographic images, reproductions and recordings in any form caused by electrical and magnetic phenomena.




Propost to lodge a complaint and claim Scotrans is entitled to the Ordering Party, subject to the provisions contained in these regulations. All complaints related to non-delivery, delay, loss, loss and damage to the parcel are accepted by mail to the address Scotrans.Reklamacje should be submitted in writing, with acknowledgment of receipt within a maximum period of 14 calendar days with the date of delivery to the recipient. After exceeding this deadline, no claim for damages or losses shall be taken into account. The complaint should contain: name and address of the Claimant, claim title with appropriate justification, bank name and bank account number or address to which the carrier should provide the amount of the claim, documented authorization to investigate claims, eg original invoice including shipment for delivery, confirmation of shipment (consignment note) amount of claim, list of attached documents, signature of the Claimant or a person authorized by him with attached power of attorney. The complaint should be considered within 2 months from the date of lodging the correct complaint . After considering the complaint, Scotrans will notify the complainant in writing about the method of settling the complaint, possible compensation and the date and manner of transferring the receivables. Declares submitted after the deadline, incomplete complaints (not meeting the conditions those mentioned in § 13 point 4), complaints completed after the deadline or complaints submitted by an unauthorized person are treated as not filed. A shipment which did not arrive at the destination indicated in the consignment note within 30 days from the expiry of the transport date is considered lost The Provider is not entitled to deduct the amount of the claim from current, past or future amounts due to Scotrans.




Scotrans is entitled to pledge on all shipments of the Sender, Recipient or Employer to secure the Scotrans claim, in particular its remuneration and other costs, fees, expenses incurred in connection with the performance of the service the shipment applies to as well as all other debts arising from other services provided by Scotrans to the Sender, Recipient or Orderer. If there are reasonable suspicions that the shipment is the object of the crime or its contents pose a threat to people or the environment, Scotrans immediately notifies the competent services and retains and secures the parcel until inspection by the services.




The Sender, with the signing of the proof of posting, agrees that Scotrans will process his personal data contained in the transport document and in accordance with the Act of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data, Dz. U. No. 133 item 883, necessary for the implementation of Scotrans services and further cooperation. At the same time, the Sender has the right to inspect and correct his personal data reported to Scotrans. Current information about the services provided and any changes or additions to these Regulations will be posted on the website www.Scotrans.co.ukRegulamin comes into effect on 1/03/2018.